MOAEC Technologies

MOAEC Technologies LLC is a technology licensing company that is assigned four U.S. Patents that cover a “Music Organizer and Entertainment Center.” The invention covered by this patent describes a multi-component system that includes a microprocessor, sound card functions, high-volume data storage, and retrieval units for playing back music according to a variety of predetermined categories: Randomly or per a pre-selected order. The categories are provided by a service provider that delivers selected titles and/or songs to the end user. Music is typically loaded using a custom CD-ROM provided by the service provider. The music comes in a data-compressed format and is decompressed and processed through a sound card during playback.

The invention covered by this patent has numerous applications. It enables music lovers to have on hand an extensive music library, and to extract from that library any specific song or genre of music at any time, and to listen to them on a variety of devices. MOAEC Technologies was established to expand the use of the technology covered by the four patents assigned to the company and – ultimately – commercialize and monetize the MOAEC intellectual property, primarily through licensing.

MOAEC Technologies LLC is a subsidiary of, and is managed by, General Patent Corporation, a leading patent monetization firm. General Patent is also the exclusive licensing agent for the MOAEC Technologies patents.