About MOAEC Technologies

MOAEC Technologies LLC is a technology licensing company that was established to further develop and expand applications for the technology covered U.S. Patent Nos. 5,969,283, 6,232,539, 6,953,886 and 7,205,471 for a “Media Organizer and Entertainment Center.” This portfolio describes a multi-component music storage and play-back system that includes a microprocessor, sound card functions, high-volume data storage, and retrieval units for playing back music according to a variety of predetermined categories. The system can play back music from a pre-selected list or category, or randomly. The music categories are provided by the service provider that delivers selected titles and/or songs to the user. Music is typically uploaded using a custom CD-ROM provided by the service provider. The music files come data-compressed and they are decompressed and processed through a sound card during playback.

The invention covered by this portfolio creates a system for storing and playing back music from an extensive music library, either randomly or per instructions established by the user. And music can be played back on a variety of devices including a smart phone. MOAEC Technologies was established to further develop the technology covered by its portfolio, expand the use of this patented technology, and – ultimately – commercialize and monetize the Alfano intellectual property, primarily through licensing.

MOAEC Technologies LLC is a subsidiary of General Patent Corporation, a leading patent monetization firm. General Patent is the managing member of MOAEC Technologies and is the exclusive licensing agent for the MOAEC portfolio.